During a hearing in the case of the Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik in French court, the prosecutor demanded that the defendant be sentenced to ten years in prison and a fine of 750 thousand euros.

According to RIA Novosti, the prosecutor called Vinnik a „very smart and capable pirate“ and „conductor of an orchestra“. The prosecution is sure that he gave the Bitcoin Circuit orders and did not act alone.

Vinnik’s defence continues to insist that the latter is not the organiser of the money laundering scheme or the creator of the Locky malware.

„The prosecution claims that Vinnik was the beneficiary of this programme on the BTC-e exchange and considers him responsible. However, they have no proof that he is the owner of this programme,“ said lawyer Frederik Belo.

He noted that the prosecution’s entire evidence base is based on information received from the American side.

The verdict in the case will not be issued immediately – as Belo said, it will not happen until two weeks later.

Recall that in France Vinnik is accused of extortion and money laundering.

Earlier, a Greek court granted a request for extradition of a Russian citizen at the request of three countries – the United States, Russia and France.

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