Some days are more painful than others. A correction of around 20% for the market as a whole was foreseeable, but we would have appreciated it more gently. The volatility of assets without “real intrinsic values” is likely to make the headlines of the mainstream media, and it is fair game. Few will be able to predict whether the correction is still in its early stages. However, here are the tools that will help you prepare for the future.

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The cryptocurrency market is currently the center of attention. The successive records that Bitcoin has recorded in recent weeks have led the queen of cryptocurrencies beyond $ 40,000. This is an increase of + 200% over the last month only , which has just crumbled abruptly this morning.

Well aware that this new Bullrun was largely driven by an influx of institutional liquidity , many individuals have joined the battlefield and are completely annihilated by this correction. Indeed, trading platforms abound on the web, but do not offer any support worthy of the name.

Become an active crypto trader

Trading is not an activity that can be improvised . It consists of setting up a subtle ploy that will allow you to profit from a volatile market. The goal is to extract the maximum profit while reducing the risks to which you expose yourself.

This reality may seem superfluous to new investors

However, this morning’s episode serves as a reminder. The crypto market is not just a straight line into Valhalla , and the corrections that occur there are painful to say the least.