Monat Februar 2023

Play and Earn USDC with House of Slots: The World’s First Stable Blockchain-Based Social Casino Game

• ChainwireMassive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate, will launch the global social casino slot game House of Slots in March 2023. • House of Slots is intended to provide users with the opportunity to experience the Play and Earn ecosystem before… Weiterlesen →

Choppy Crypto Seas: How the Market Will React to Inflation Print

• The crypto market is currently undergoing violent ups and downs, but could be worth it in the long run. • The actions of the SEC have created a lot of uncertainty for the crypto market. • U.S. CPI data… Weiterlesen →

Explore, Build and Interact: My Neighbor Alice Let’s You Do It All!

• My Neighbor Alice is a revolutionary multiplayer builder, fully decentralized Blockchain game developed by Antler Interactive. • The game offers players unique ways to interact with other players and customize their avatars with cosmetic items. • Players can earn… Weiterlesen →

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